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embedded software

software solutions for embedded systems

Our user interfaces and apps

scaleo systems develops customer specific embedded software usable in a wide range of embedded Systems. Furthermore scaleo realizes graphical user interfaces and Windows apps for testing devices, control boards and control systems.


Our know how in embedded software solutions

driver components for communication

I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485, LIN, CAN, CANopen, USB

motion control components

BLDC motors, servos, DC motors, FOC Sinus- & Blockcommutated

display visualization components

graphical Measurement-Results, graphical UIs

HAL hardware abstraction layers for microcontrollers

PIC, dsPIC, Atmel ATMEGA, ATTINY, Renesas R5F-family, NXP S12, cortex ARM 0, ARM 4, ARM 7

wireless communication components

Xbee, bluetooth, NFC, WLAN